Small Groups Counselling

Support Group or Personal Development Group?

Working with others who have the same or similar situations can be a very rewarding experience and all of our small groups are tailored to best meet the needs of individuals.

Support Group

Support groups are particularly offered for people who may feel isolated or lonely due to bereavement, separation issues, job loss, relocation or individuals who may find it hard to be amongst others’.

If left unaddressed, loneliness can lead to increased feelings of isolation, anger, upset and therefore may impact our self esteem and worth levels.

Unfortunately this can then attract unhelpful coping measures such as increased use of food, alcohol or drugs may occur to ‘get through’ difficult times.

Personal Development Group

Personal Development groups aim to increase personal insight, enhancing our own understanding of ourselves and the ways in which we relate to others.

All of our small groups are affordable, completely confidential and non-judging creating a supportive and growth promoting atmosphere for all.

If you may be interested in joining a group setting, all enquiries are very welcomed.

Groups ore typically of 4-6 people, meeting either weekly or fortnightly over a set number of weeks and facilitated by a BACP Accredited therapist with refreshments provided.

All enquires are most welcomed.