Couples Counselling and Relationship Work

Busy lives, changing circumstances, and growing families can often bring pressures that can impact relationships in a big way and individuals can then begin to feel isolated, not listened too or be unable to get their own view point across.

Good communication is vital in any relationship as it helps to reduce any isolated feelings, increase a person’s self esteem and reduce arguments or areas of conflict, assisting resolution and moving on.

Couples who have attended in the past have brought issues such as

  • Marital distance or breakdown

  • Depression

  • Arguments and feeling unable to discuss things

  • Affairs and jealousy

  • Loss

  • Disagreements over children and money

  • Lack of intimacy or general closeness

Healthy relationships help us to improve our own confidence and grow levels of trust in those closest to us.

I believe that by modelling good effective communication, our children then learn how to build and sustain their own sound relationships for the future and for that to be a wonderful gift for any child…